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The correspondance with VoltaireThe correspondance with Voltaire

Charles-Emmanuel of Crussol
8th Duc d'Uzès
Between 1751 and 1760 the Duke of Uzes and Voltaire exchanged seven letters. Subjects such as philosophy, lifestyle, and the social life of the 18th century are described and discussed in the spirit and style of the times. Among Voltaire's papers there are 5 letters from him addressed to the Duke of Uzes but the other two are missing, and none of the letters from the Duke of Uzes to Voltaire have been found.

But Charles Emmanuel de Crussol, Duke of Uzes, had not only a lively mind, but was wily enough to have taken the precaution of copying the entire correspondance of 86 manuscript pages into a book which is still in the library of the Duchy. The letters from the Duke shed new light on and give a better understanding of the replies given by Marie-Francois Arouet, known as Voltaire.


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