Be a host in the Duchy - Chateau du Duché d'Uzès entre mer et Cévennes. Cité médiévale, le Duché (XIème - XVIIIème siècle) propose une étonnante promenade dans l'Histoire Uzès,Povence,Chateau,Duc de Crussol,Duché,Ducale,Gard,Pont du Gard,vin,cave à vin



Be a host in the DuchyBe a host in the Duchy

Every year the Duchy of Uzès hosts many events - The Musical Nights of Uzes with its concerts, the Painted Furniture Show, films and receptions; all make these old walls live again.

Magic moments like these are limited so as to preserve the family atmosphere of the place. They are held in the courtyards, and in the two rooms on the ground floor looking onto the gardens which are reserved for the purpose: the Capetian Room and the Panelled Room.

The Capetian Room which can seat about 160 people is rented empty. This vaulted room (20 x 9 metres) has a monumental fireplace, and is in the earlier part of the building that is about 800 years old.

The Panelled Room (11 x 8 metres) can be added to the Capetian Room to seat an extra 70 people. This walnut-panelled room was once a theatre, and later a dining room.

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